Thursday, March 29, 2012

elf beauty book smokey eye set $5

This Product comes with 6 eye shadows, 1 primer, 1 mini eyeliner and a double sided eye shadow applicator. 

When you open the beauty book you will see step by step instructions on how to apply this eye shadow. In all honesty I have not found the directions helpful everybody has a way of going about doing their makeup and this was not for me but the colors are very pretty. On the left are the six eye shadows to the right is the mini primer underneath those is the mini eyeliner and applicator.

Swatches of the six eye shadows closest to my wrist going from left to right in the beauty book. After the six eye shadows, is a swatch of the eyeliner and the eye primer.

My thoughts on this beauty book: I find these colors to be very pigmented but the staying power isn't that great unless you use the eye primer. Also the shadows are slightly powdery but its nothing you cant work with. I find that the mini eyeliner is very soft and has a nice black color but i prefer to use my gel liners i'm not a pencil kind of gal. Overall the directions were not much of a use to me but that may be because I have never been good with following directions = ) For the price of $5 this is a good buy if you have never tried elf this would be a great way to start because you get a few different samples of products plus six shadows.

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