Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maybelline Color tattoo

 Left top: Bad To The Bronze (#25)
Right top: Fierce & Tangy (#10)
Left bottom: Tenacious Teal (#40)
Right bottom: Pomegranate Punk (#30)
Bad To The Bronze
Pomegranate Punk
Tenacious Teal
Fierce & Tangy 

Claims to last 24 hours and no smudging! I slept with this on even with a sleep mask and when i woke up nothing was smudged so I put on my eyeliner and went to work.The color tattoo eye-shadow stayed on until I washed it off. Defiantly does as it says it will with no creasing and I didn't even use a primer : )


  1. Wow, thanks! I have been wanting to try I think I will!

  2. No problem the colors are very nice depending on the look you are trying to go for. Bad to the bronze is my favorite
    = )another plus about these are you can use them as a gel eyeliner you just need to buy a brush for it. I like to use the orange as a liner because you don't often come across an orange liner to this worked out perfect it gives the eye a nice pop of color. Buy one color and test it out Im sure you will love it as much as I do let me know what you think if you decide to pick one up I would love to hear your thoughts = )

  3. I'm so jealous! We won't get these eyeshadows to Sweden until August! :/ I love the Benefit creasless cream eyeshadows and I really want to try these! Everything always comes so late to Sweden... :(

    1. well I looked at the shipping to ship them out there. $75.00 I think it is worth the wait they are amazing and I know you will love them

    2. Yes it's really expensive... But I just gets so annoyed that there're so much we don't get in Sweden.. We can't buy a lot of brands here. For example, benefit, urban decay, barely any wet n wild and so on... The list goes on i'm afraid... :-\ But I'd love to do a swap at sme point! It would be really fun! Maybe some american stuff for some swedish stuff or something :-P

    3. That really does suck. I don't buy a lot of benefit or urban decay I only own the naked pallet I cant seem to convince myself to spend that kind of money on a product you can get at a drugstore just takes time to get the right combination down and a lot of drugstore makeup are dupes for high end stuff but a swap would be great If you can wait until July we will most defiantly do a swap I'm redoing a house right now so I have to watch my budget.

    4. Yeah, maybe I just want those brands because I can't get them in Sweden. And we don't have drugstores like you have in the US. Yeah of course I can wait to do a swap! I just think that it'll be so fun! :-) Just let me know when things are looking better for you! :-)

    5. I will defiantly get u those brands for sure = ) keep in touch I am looking forward to a swap!