Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wet n Wild Blush

Not many people like to buy cheap makeup because "it cant be good if its so cheap" so nobody really gives these cheaper brands a shot. I'm always up for trying new brands, its been years since I have touched anything from wet n wild so I gave it a shot. Being less that $3 per blush I am truly shocked at the color pay off of these and the quantity that they give you is more than enough you cannot go wrong. The two blushes I own are Heather Silk and Mellow Wine both very beautiful colors. 

Mellow Wine is more of a soft pink with a slight peachy color
Heather Silk is a brighter pink color with a hint of shimmer
I would recommend this product for how little it costs and how nicely it blends. Sometimes this does not wear well for me depending on how much I sweat but for the most part it wears great and the color lasts all day. I find the brushes to be useless they are very rough in texture and just dont fit right in the cheek area. I always use my elf blush brushes they fit perfectly into the cheek area and only cost $3. 


  1. I absolutely love Wet n' Wild. Their makeup is surprisingly high quality for a very affordable price. I have some of their blushes and eyeshadows. I love how almost creamy and rich the colors are. Their gel liner reminds me of MAC fluid line with better packaging so the product doesn't dry out as fast.

  2. Yes I love them too. I have never seen their gel liner =( now I have got to try it! Nobody likes to give this brand a shot they just think anything that cheap cannot be good but they are dead wrong most of their products are amazing. Ill be keeping my eyes pealed for these liners thanks for the heads up <3 thanks for reading xoxoxo