Monday, April 30, 2012

Kate Moss Lipstick Color #12

Love these lipsticks I am wearing the color #12, It’s an orangey color that I feel will work on most skin tones! I haven’t been much of a colorful lipstick wearer but I’m really starting to get into the bright colors more and step out of my element. I’m feeling that I am finding more looks that I like when I have been buying lipsticks It makes me want to buy new clothes and try a new style! Isn’t Lipstick so much fun? It totally changes an appearance of an outfit and shows of different dimensions of your face! On my eyes I am wearing Maybelline Eye studio gel liner which is amazing, the staying power is great and a very black black color. I took the black and made a small cat eye and only lined the bottom half way then did the inner lower lash line with a white liner to brighten up my eyes a little.I added some mascara, Milani Power lash which I love everyone should own this!! Anyway a great tip If your going for a bold lip keep your eyes simple, liner and mascara no shadows put all the focus on those lips!

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