Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kate Moss lipstick!!!

I currently only own one of these lipsticks the color names don’t seem to be listed on the product. Pricing on these are super cheap less than $5.00 where I live so overall I feel that it’s a steal. I find that this lipstick is very soft and give a glossy finish. The lasting power isn't the greatest while drinking anything but what do you expect its not waterproof, so when I'm wearing this and drinking anything I tend to use a straw which causes no problems with staying on my lips. Kate only has a small selection of colors (5) I am looking to pick up more. If any of you have tried this product leave a comment below and let me know what you think.
This is color # 14 (the only color I own from her line)
I feel that this is a very wearable color for anybody = )

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  1. I have one of her lipsticks... its nr 3 and its a nude(ish) color :)
    It is nude but to me it looks a bit peachy too... like a browny peach :) I really love it cause its so moisturizing :)
    What bugs me though is that it doesnt have a name... I like when the products have names :)

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  2. the packaging is so cute! thanks for the add, keep blogging I really would like to read more of ur bolg <3 xoxoxo

  3. these look really cute, i never tried anything rimmel i dont think lol ill have to keep an eye out thx =)

  4. Rimmel can either be good or bad, Ive had a lot of products in their line.... they are really hit or misses but this is a must have. They also smell super good not the normal lipstick smell which is weird but w.e its all good.