Thursday, April 5, 2012

MINI Haul (Wet n Wild Megalast polish)

As I was walking through the nail selection at Wal-Mart I decided to try some of the new Wet n Wild mega last polishes. There is a very large selection of colors and they cost less than $2.00 so I thought, why not give them a try. 
Colors(from left to right)
1) Through the Grapevine (Is now my favorite color for spring)
2) Milk (For a classic polished nail)
3) I red a good book (Total date night color)
4) Disturbia (For going bold)
My Thoughts: Over all the packaging is very nice looks sort of high end. The color payoff is great,very pigmented and goes on smoothly. I feel that the brush is a tad bit too big for my fingers but then again I do have very small fingers so on an average person I think it will work well.( Packaging states manicurve pro brush) As for the smell it does have a stronger oder but its nothing I cant get over, use a little room spray and it'll be fine. The polish doesn’t leave a smell on the nails and is pretty long wearing(removing polish is a very quick process, comes off easily)
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  1. Through the Grapevine is a beautiful color. Perfect for spring! Love your taste!

  2. Im really enjoying these polishes they work great and you cant beat the price. wet n wild is coming out with a lot of nice products.