Thursday, April 12, 2012

My weight battle, when too skinny is Too skinny.

Hello ladies, today I am writing a post for you all to tell you about my weight battle that I have been struggling with for the last few months. I am far too skinny and I have noticed it but once the people around me started saying something to me about it I knew it was a problem. I by no means have an eating disorder, I love food, junk food, fast food, all food and no matter how much I eat I do not gain any weight. I am 5'1 and currently 94lbs I use to weigh 104 lbs a few months ago. Being small does run in my family, my mother was very small at a weight of under 100 lbs even after she had me, as for my dad he was skinny as well so im bound to have a small structure. Lately I have been feeling very unhappy with how I look, I've noticed a great weight loss and my face structure has channged and exc. If anybody has any tips on helping me or giving me advise please leave a comment below. This is a great struggle for me and I do realize that my weight is a problem I would really appreciate any help or advice you have to offer. My doctors really cannot figure out a way to help me at this point...we are trying our hardest! xoxoxo Samantha Jane

Summer of 2011
This picture was take the summer of 2011 when I was happy with my body, my arms were full for my body size and my boobs were a size c. I was healthy and glowing! My doctors have been monitoring my weight for the last 6 months as have I and things have really changed for me leaving me unhappy and feeling helpless.

I do not want to ever look like this, Skinny gone too far:
This is not beautiful!!!

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  1. WebMd has this article on their site. It points out many good suggestions. One more I'd like to add...get enough rest. You're on the run constantly and burning calories more than you're taking in maybe. I hope this helps. xoxoxo

  2. Yea I know Im super busy but I have to be for now. This house needs to get done and working 2 jobs is a little much with this whole house thing going on but I think it will be worth it once we move in. Ill check it out!

  3. Hello Samantha! I'm a bit underweight myself but i still look like I'm not. Weight gain for me doesnt come easy either since my family is also pretty small. Do you take any vitamins? Of course you should ask you doctors first but I recently started using Pharmaton capsules and it has me eating like crazy! Well whatever you do, hope you find a way to regain your healthy size! Wishing you lots of luck

  4. Hello Samantha! Looking at the pic that you posted you look healty. By no means do you look like Lindsey or Nicole. I think that everyone has their own body type and as long as you are healty you are perfect.

  5. That picture is from last summer and how my body was not how it currently is. everything has shrunk since then boob size face and arm structure and my stomach which is y my doctors are concerned about the drastic loss in my weight

  6. I have about the same IMC than you, just a couple more pounds for 5'2, which is near skinny but still an healthy IMC. I don't look like Lindsay or Nicole, but I think that's because I have very small bones so they don't weight that much.

    Good luck!