Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Powder foundations

I have been trying out different powder foundations for the last few weeks to prepare myself for those hot summer days where I need my skin to breath.  Here are 3 powder foundations that I have been testing out(one high end and two drugstore) Let me tell you the differences! Sorry about the camera glare!
 Laura Geller Balance n Brighten- This is a baked foundation with many different colors mixed in to try to balance out the color tone seeing how it only comes in three shades mine is in Tan. Price $31.00 I feel this price is very high for the quality that you are getting. The product claims to balance and even out skin tones, The foundation corrects unevenness and provides a flawless looking complexion with a radiant glow.

I find that this foundation doesn’t cover very well it is suppose to be buildable but I don’t find it to build well. I can still see the red tones in my skin under this foundation so It does not even out my skin tone. This has been raved about all over YouTube and I don’t see what the rave is about there are drugstore products that work better than this for a fraction of the cost.  I do like that this product is baked and does match my skin tone but I still don’t recommend wasting $31.00 on this products there are way better deals out there. (continue for drugstore products)

Milani multitasker face powder- This face powder retails at around $7.00 now it didn’t really give me any information on what its suppose to do but the packaging says powder foundation so you get the idea. I find that this powder is very soft and goes on smoothly and evenly. Very good color payoff and very buildable so I really love this product for that. The lasting power is very good I can sweat and this stuff doesn’t budge, Still covers my redness and is still even at the end of my night.  SAM_0015
Neutrogena Mineral Sheers- This comes with an SPF of 20, great feature in the product and retails around $11.99. The packaging is very light weight and easy to open. A full size mirror is under the product and comes with a great applicator. I love the fact that this product is so smooth and makes my skin feel silky. Although when using a powder brush with this product I do notice that it has a lot of fallout but when you apply to your face it goes on evenly. I had no problems with the lasting power of this product even without a primer, this is an easy quick product to apply on the go. Great as a setting powder as well.

I recommend to buy this
Before you waste your money and buy this

All three products mentioned
Neutrogena Mineral Sheers/Laura Geller Balance N Brighten/Milani multitasker face powder


  1. Great review hun :)
    Foundations for me is a HUGE problem. My skin doesn´t like any foundation at all.. it breaks out immediately :/

  2. Even powder foundations? They r much more light weight n don't cause problems for me the cover girl aqua smoothers are great for a liquid have u ever tried it?