Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday Present

I know this is nothing beauty related but I figured Id make a quick post showing what my boyfriend has gotten me for my birthday. I have been wanting this forever to make my YouTube videos clearer for my subscribers = ) You have no Idea how excited I was to get this lol
Got my Sony video camera with 70x optical zoom and a cute case to store it in!

Finally my videos will be crystal clear, cannot wait to start filming more now that I have the right kind of camera. I am trying to apply for a YouTube partnership and it seems almost impossible to do without the right kind of camera so i really hope this helps wish me luck!
If you haven't already subscribed I will post the link to my channel below.


  1. that camera is freakin awesome!! i want it one of my fave youtubers use it her videos are so perfect

    1. nguerriero19 ??? The camera works great love it now to just start filming sadly I have no time at the moment ; /