Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buy one get one FREE

Elf cosmetics is currently running a buy one get one FREE sale on their top 50 best selling products
use code BOGO on orders $20.00 or more or get $2.95 shipping with no minimum purchase using code 295SHIP Sale ends May 28th 2012 

Products I recommend from this sale:
- 11 piece studio brush collection 
-Mineral infused face primer (studio collection)
-High definition powder (studio collection)
-Flat top powder brush(studio collection)
-Single eye shadows(studio collection) Totally teal and purple passion are beautiful bright spring colors
-Contouring blush and bronzer(studio collection) very close dupe for nars
-Conditioning lip balm SPF 20 in color nice and natural <---perfect for a nude lip(studio collection)
-Makeup remover clothes(studio collection) these work like a charm
The studio line is amazing almost any product from that line is really worth trying
-Personal blend foundation SPF 15(mineral line) my shade is medium
-Brightening eye color shadow quads(essential line) $1.00 love day to night, silver lining and drama
-All over color stick(essential line) $1.00 I love toasted smells amazing too
-Luscious liquid lipstick(essential line) $1.00 any color they work great
-Natural lash kit(essential line) $1.00 love the lashes hate the glue so use another brand of glue

Link to the exact page of items that are buy one get one


  1. i freakin love elf =) my favorite is the cream liner only $3.00!

    1. me too everything is so cheap its worth giving a shot and usually the stuff is pretty good. I love the studio line. I once ordered a cream liner and it was so dry i couldn't even use it and i didn't like the brush that came with it but i do have my own brushes I might just have to try it out again i'm sure mine was just old or something. I have heard great things about the cream liner but never repurchased it. If I try it again and love it Ill have to include it in my elf giveaway just waiting awhile before i post that video