Thursday, May 24, 2012


I dye my hair often and I like to keep my color looking fresh rather than having it fade into an off black color which tends to happen often when I'm out in the sun a lot. Today I will be posting about a product that has saved my life(haha not really but its great at saving my hair color)
Instant color sealer, light weight and leave in color shield
acai berry and grape seed oil UVA & UVB protectant seals in color and conditions for extra softness.
This is a really cheap product that you can find at your local drugstore,walmart or target I think anywhere really. My hair does not get any build up from this product but if you add too much your hair will be a little greasy. A quarter sized amount will do the trick! I apply to my damp hair and style as desired. I have gone thru bottles of this stuff, It never fails me I cannot say enough about this product. The smell is great and leaves your hair feeling silky soft with a little bit of a shine. I have tested this product out when I was a tanning bed junkie before I started using this product my hair would fade at a rate you wouldn’t believe…when I applied this before I would go tanning I never had a problem with fading.
I give this a thumbs up(it’s a must have for color treated hair)ArcSoft_Image68
Check out the video review for this product on my YouTube channel
If you have any suggestions on products you think I should give a try for color treated hair leave a comment below I will be sure to try them if they are at a reasonable price and post a review. Thanks so much for reading xoxo
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