Wednesday, May 9, 2012

imPRESS false nails

Not impressed with imPress false nails. They claim to be so easy to apply  just peel and press on, yes it may be quite simple but the quality of these nails are not the best.

My imPRESS nails are opened so this is packaging after being opened. The packaging is quite cute with the nail bottle and all but the nail quality isn't great at all. First I have noticed that the nails are very bendable and I do not like that in a fake nail we want our nails to be tough! Also the adhesive on the nails are poor quality they do not stick well alone but with a drop of glue they stay on great. over all I don’t like these nails because they are brittle and paying $7.00 for one set of nails that easily bend isn't worth the money, I will not be repurchasing these nails. Thumbs down Broadway

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