Thursday, May 17, 2012

Milani Lip flash jumbo lip pencils

I picked up these lip products in a recent shopping haul because they were on sale form $7.00 to $2.50 I thought hey why not give it a go seeing how they were so cheap at the time. I have come to love these lip products, they go on so smoothly and they have a shine to them that is quite long lasting I am really impressed with the quality of these lip pencils. I only picked up two because they were sold out of all the other colors which kind of sucks now because I have fallen in love and I'm a budget shopper so I love my clearance and its about they only time I buy anything so I will be watching for a sale on these and get the rest of the line.
This lip pencil is in color  06 FLASHY it does have a bit of glitter in it but I feel that the color is beautiful for spring and summer lets just say I expect this one to run out fast.

Lip color in 05 Hot Flash is gorgeous I will be wearing this more often when I do a simple eye look and want to give my lips all the attention. Although in my pictures I do have quite wild makeup haha I was playing around with a few new things so excuse the craziness down below are swatches of the colors where you are able to see that the Hot Flash is more of a solid color with a glossy finish while the Flashy color does have the glitter in it. I don’t find that the glitter is a problem doesn’t clump on the lips at all and doesn’t feel chunky by any means and they are very easy to sharpen haven't had a problem with any breakage. These lip products are great! Milani has been coming out with some great products. I am impressed with most items from the line. 
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  1. You look so beautiful in both pictures :)
    The pencils look great :) I love red lips :) I love your eye makeup :)

  2. thanks I really like these pencils. I started falling in love with red have been finding some great into the reds/oranges/and bright pinks right now def not my normal but its good to step out of my comfort zone and try something new

  3. I have awarded you on my blog :)