Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grey & white smokey eye $1.00 look

Lately I have been finding myself going towards grey and white eye shadows..For this look I used the $1.00 elf eye shadow in Drama If you haven't already bought this shadow its a must have. 

How I applied- I covered my full eyelid with a the white shadow and then took the darkest grey and applied from the middle of my eyelid out to the outer corner. I deepened my crease with the black and brought it all the way out to where my brow ends then lined my lower lash line area with the black and blended it all out(its pretty much just like doing a cat eye just with a shadow) Next I took the 2nd lightest shade and lightly brushed it over the black to soften it up(use a blending brush to blend it all together). I did not apply a highlight when doing this  look. Lastly I lined my water line with a white eyeliner and applied mascara. Once again I turn to a nude lipstick to finish this look off. Its pretty simple to create this look, I used the sponge applicator that comes with the shadow to apply the shadows and only used a blending brush to blend the rest out.

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