Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nursing kittens

I know this is a beauty blog but to keep you updated on why I have been so busy and not posting is because I have been nursing 6 baby kittens that are 3-4 weeks old. Its almost like having 6 children = ) I love it but its exhausting. I have to feed the babies every 4 hours around the clock  so I am constantly setting alarms to make sure that I feed them on schedule. The kittens seem to be taking well to the bottles and are eating very well..I have gone through a half of a can of powder formula in the past 24 hours. 2 of the kittens are eating soft kitten food and the rest are still only drinking the formula. I have been pooped on and peed on a few times but they are too cute to get mad at so I just laugh change my clothes and keep on going with the feedings. I found it strange that the kittens have to be burped after each feeding I have been doing so but Im not really sure what the burp sounds like. After they are burped you must take a warm damp cloth and gently rub their bottoms, it helps them make bowel movements and urinate. I am having so much fun caring for these kittens but it sure is a lot of work but ill do it, anything to get these babies healthy. The kittens are now living in the house and are being treated for their eye infections and upper respiratory infections, I hope to find them homes as soon as they are healthy enough to be adopted. They will be getting a checkup from the vet in a few weeks = )

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  1. Omgggggg
    thats cuteness to a new level!

    Hope you give my blog a peak :)

    Gem x

  2. Its a lot of work but I love them already im not even sure if I will be able to give them up they are like my children I said I wouldn't get attached but who was I kidding. I will most defiantly check out your blog. Have you checked out my YouTube channel yet? If not you should check it out.

    1. Hello gorgeous!

      Nooo dont give them up! Haha

      I've replied to your lovely post on my blog you sent me, hope it helps a little xxx

  3. OMG they are so adorable, your such a lovely person for doing this. I remember when my dog had puppies and how much work it is looking after them

    Tanesha x