Monday, July 30, 2012

Spray tanning system made affordable!

I know it sounds silly but being tan is one of those things that makes me feel confident about myself. I have gone through countless products to see what actually works. I have turned orange, been streaky, had horrible times with applications and things of that nature. Well problem solved!! I have been using the luminess tanning system and I love it. This system is pretty much fool proof I honestly dont see any way that you can screw up your tan. Altho I am not a fan of luminess's tanning solution I do love the system and buy a different solution online. The solution I am using to get the awesome color is Tampa Bay Tan Tanfastic dha 10.5 and it comes in a 16oz bottle. I only paid $22 for this tanning solution and it actually works. You can find this solution on ebay along with their other formulas. I will list more information below!

Luminess tanning system(affordable with monthly payment options)-

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