Thursday, September 13, 2012

Acrylic nails at home

I have been really getting into nail design and acrylics this last week after going to a salon and paying money for them to do my nails. Watching them put acrylics on didn't seem all that difficult so I went out and bought a kiss acrylic nail set and did it myself. The concept is easy to understand the technique is a little bit more difficult. I am right handed so doing my left hand was easy getting to my left hand was quite difficult just for the fact that I'm not that skilled with my left hand at all lol. Although my nails didn't turn out perfect I figure with a bit of practice I will get there. 

 I do have very small nail beds so fitting the nail tips onto my nails was difficult so I just tossed those and ordered a 500 set of white half tips off of eBay hoping those would work better and they did. I only had to file one nail tip as they didn't have a perfect match for my finger size but no big deal. Using those tips and the kiss acrylic powder and liquid resulted in my nails looking like the picture below.(as you will see I have baby nail beds)
-Glitter effect (Sally Hansen Diamond strength 05 Diamonds) For a top coat
The tips that I had ordered off of eBay were much better quality than the ones that came with the kit, I am very pleased with them and will probably purchase again soon along with some practice fingers. I bought mine for $4.58(500 tips) You can find a lot of nail tips for much cheaper, the tips that I have found the cheapest will arrive from Hong Kong or china with free shipping but you will pay tax upon delivery which is about .20 cents so not to bad at all the wait is just a killer though.  A lot of the nail  products from China and Hong Kong are very cheap I am thinking I might just order some tips and acrylic and a few brushes to test it out. 

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