Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New YouTube layout November 2012 how to check your inbox

Finding your inbox

It seems like the most basic things cant stay the same and not all of us like change. One of the most important parts about being a you tuber is connecting with your audience and they just made that more difficult. I have recently figured out how to find my inbox after searching for it for days. When you now log on to youtube you will no longer find your inbox on the left of the page you will have to take a slight detour..here are the steps..

On the upper right hand corner click on my channel
Now click on video manager
you will now see towards the top Inbox>>click there and you will find your messages and replied comments.

Hope this helps 


  1. Thank you for sharing this bit of information.

    1. they are always changing things..i dislike it most of all its the little things like the inbox that should be the first thing you see when you log onto your page sadly it is no longer that way.