Monday, January 7, 2013

Eye makeup removal

If you have ever ran out of makeup wipes you have probably found it a bit difficult to remove that waterproof makeup. Using soap and water just doesn't work for me, I always tend to get the soap in my eyes and run around with burning eyeballs! Getting the soap out is a process and is just something I hate dealing with. 

My solution- take a small amount of lotion and apply it to a cotton ball...whip away the makeup, this never seems to fail for me. I like to use an unscented baby lotion which helps reduce the risk of getting an outbreak or cause any burning. This is also great for smudges that you need to touch up, just add a dab to a Q tip and wipe away. Problem solved!

I wear Maybelline eye studio 24/4 potted eyeliner almost every day and that is some difficult eyeliner to remove..It almost seems like the baby lotion removes it much better than my makeup wipes. I don't ever have to repeatedly scrub my eyelid..I just slightly rub and its gone = ) If you have any other makeup removal tips feel free to comment below I would love to try them

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