Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sungoddess self tanning lotion review

I received this product early summer 2012 and when I first tried it I loved it. The color was very dark and the results were perfect. I never had a problem with it until now...I applied this lotion again after having it sit for 6 months with no use and I now hate it. The color is still very dark but the application process was a b*tch. The lotion is more than chunky and I did shake the bottle before use. I also found that application was difficult because the formula seemed to have thickened a lot making it difficult to spread on the body, building up in numerous places. Well after about an hour of trying to put this on to the best of my ability I looked splotchy and uneven, there was no fixing it at this point I said screw it and let it be. After about 9 hours of wear I jumped in the shower in hopes that it would just wash off and be even and it did so I was pretty happy about that(I was 3 shades darker and it looked great).... but then after 24 hours of wear the tan started to just come off  from rubbing against my clothes..I had moisturized and everything. Now 3 days later I look like a leopard the fade is more than uneven. Overall the product is great if you use it right away but keeping it for 6 months and using i feel like it is a waste of money. My product did not reach self life yet so it has to be the product itself =/

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