Friday, September 27, 2013

Colgate slimsoft influenster vox box

My vox box finally came in the mail..YAY!!
This months box was the Colgate slimsoft box full of tooth goodies.
We all know that taking care of our teeth is important as we only do get one set and who really wants dentures? Defiantly not me. Im excited to show you everything I got in this box and my thoughts of the products. Am I going to dump oral care routine and replace it with Colgate??

***My final thoughts***
Well after using this toothbrush for a little over a week I have now tossed my old toothbrush. I have always used store brand or a close up toothbrush in medium. After trying this toothbrush I was amazed at the cleaning it did to my teeth and how smooth it was while brushing. My teeth still felt clean at the end of the day with minimal buildup because YES I do drink soda. Im not much of a fan of the toothpaste because I feel it wasn't really keeping my teeth white as I do drink tons of coffee in the morning it just didn't seem like it kept the color I got from my crest luxy toothpaste. Now the mouthwash..It does have a strong taste but totally worth it..The mouthwash and the toothbrush did wonders for fighting off buildup throughout the day. I was impressed. I do still love my whiting routine but I am positive I will be keeping the toothbrush. Its not that I didn't like the products Its just I hold high expectations when it comes to keeping my teeth white and seeing results fast. Thank You influenster and Colgate for giving me the opportunity to discover a new love that I am sure to be adding to my oral routine.

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