Thursday, October 10, 2013

Before & After CoverGirl Clean whipped cream foundation

Just wanted to make a little post on the before and after results of the new foundation from CoverGirl
I am totally loving it since the season are changing my skin is cracking a bit! Total Yuck. Well this product is befoaimed towards people with normal to dry skin and I will say Its dead on for the dry skin, my face stays hydrated all day long and this doesn't stick to MY dry patches. Products work differently for everyone so I cant guarantee that this will work as well for you as it did for me.

BEFORE- I don't have major issues with my skin just need a little bit of toning to even everything out..yes occasionally I will get a few breakouts but never anything serious.

AFTER- My skin is evened out and the small blemishes are gone. The foundation leaves you with a very nice glow. 

 For me I would consider this foundation a medium to full coverage as my skin is in pretty good condition. Just a bit of redness and some blemishes no biggie. My skin feels amazing while wearing this its so light weight you feel like you don't have anything on at all. The product contains 6fl oz and retails for around $7.00 so you are getting a pretty good deal as this doesn't take much to apply and it blends out flawlessly.
Link to my Youtube channel application demo for this foundation (Click Me)
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