Monday, November 11, 2013

Acrylic nails piont upwards

I have searched and searched and I have yet to find anybody who has written about this topic..I guess I will be the first...So I have been getting my nails done for the past month in hopes to grow out my natural nail. I was so pissed when I realized my nails kind of point upwards thinking the lady at the salon screwed them up so I had to ask..She had told me that the reason the nails are slightly pointing upwards was due to the fact that some of my natural nails grow in that direction. I really didn't notice as my nails have been growing that they grew in that direction. Basically its just something I will have to deal with if I get my nails done. I thought it was a bit funny that with glue on nails they didn't do this and with acrylics they did.I hope someone somewhere has this same problem too..I just find it strange that I have yet to find a post anywhere about this so if you have this problem and are reading this comment below so I know Im not the only human on this earth with funky hands haha.


  1. To me, that sound a bit strange. Cause if you have not experienced that with other nails I don´t understand why you would experience it with acrylic nails. I know nothing of acrylic nails so I don´t know but it just sound weird :/
    Im thinking that if your nails grow like that then you should have experienced them pointing slightly upwards all the time, no matter what you use.

  2. nothing about it is normal..but on the bright side my nails have grown out a a lot and my nail beds are finally starting to grow..i use to bite and bite so there was a lot of trama to my nail causing super small nail beds. I have just been getting acrylic put over the top of my natural nail as the tips fall off since my nails still peal the second they hit water

  3. I have this problem! my nails go upwards and it makes me upset because I am desorate for long nails (acrylics) but when I get them super long people point my problem out to me!!

  4. I have this problem as well. Reason being is because I've been an extreme nail biter all my life. The tip of my fingers are very thick which makes the gel or acrylics overlay never look flush to my nail bed. I'm hoping if I leave them on long enough this problem will go away.

  5. I have the same problem. People have pointed them out to me numerous of times. I've been a nail biter forever!