Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Influenster violet vox box

All these products were sent by influenster for testing and reviewing purposes. Now that I have had a chance to use the products I feel I can review them.
All the products I had received 

The idea on this brush is great but if you have thick or long hair this probably wont work that well. It does remove water but not much the microfiber was soaked instantly and can only pick up so much. I also had a hard time getting this through my hair as the microfiber seemed to just get in the way. Great idea but ill stick to my towel and comb works just as well.

Im not so much a fan of the color but the polish wears very well  and lasts about 5 days on my nails without chipping.

I love this headband because it is adjustable a little bit more expensive than the regular ones but these will fit any size head and stay put. Love love love this product 

OMG this was the worst tasting thing ever..yes very healthy so I did eat it but the texture was too much for me and it really wasnt flavored well. Way too drying just overall not good.

Over all I really wasnt a fan of the box but Its always good to try new things. I will be repurchasing the headband though..so perfect for my small head.


  1. The brush seems really interesting :) I do not think it would work for me though cause my hair may not be long, well it is a bit over my shoulders, but it is rather thick :) I like to just let my hair air dry and then it gets so fluffy and lovely :) I wait until it´s dry to brush it through :)

    The bar looks like something I used to eat when I was on a diet a while ago. It was chocolate bars but they were SO DRY that I had to drink LOADS of water when I was done eating the bar ;)

    Btw, Im so happy seeing you on Youtube, really enjoying your videos :)


    1. I hated the brush some people love it but i dont thats just my personal opinion. I wouldnt buy the bar again it was so dry no way lol. sorry im just seeing this comment now but thank you so much for watching my videos I need to keep up with my blog more

  2. Replies
    1. It was actually very nice sadly i lost it.